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General Directorate of Program Design and Management (GDPDM)
 Brief Introduction of IARCSC

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) was established in 1382 (2002) after the Bonn Agreement and based on Article 50 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The IARCSC is mandated of establishing a modern, responsive, democratic, gender sensitive, transparent and accountable public administration enabled to manage public resources efficiently and effectively for improved service delivery in fair and equitable manner.The IARCSC comprises of two Independent Boards. These are Independent Appointments board and Independent Appeals Board. It has four General Directorates. These are: General Directorate of Administrative Reform Secretariat; General Directorate of Civil Service Management; General Directorate of Civil Service Institute; and General Directorate Programs Design and Management.

General Directorate of Programs Design and ManagementThe General Directorate of Programs Design and Management (GDPDM) formerly known as the Capacity Development Secretariat leads the institutional capacity development of public institutions, civil servants, international donors’ relations and management of technical assistance. GDPDM is a key organization within IARCSC and manages some of the most important development programs and projects. By ensuring transparent and efficient appointments of national and international experts through various critical programs/projects, GDPDM has and continues to enhance capacity of majority of crucial GoIRoA institutions. Through design and effective implementation of vital capacity building programs/projects, GDPDM is responsible for: raising the competence of government agencies; boosting the effectiveness of the core functions; recruiting professional experts for various GoIRoA institutions; developing systems facilitating effective implementation of administrative reforms; and further enhancing effective utilization of technical assistance.

GDPDM also brings together all development programs/projects of the IARCSC in a strategic and coordinated manner. GDPDM ensures the coordination in partnership with donors, international partners and other GoIRoA agencies and ensures efficient and effective use of donor resources for coordinated projects implemented through the IARCSC. Since its inception to date, GDPDM has implemented the following major capacity building programs and projects:

1. Afghan Expatriate Program (AEP)
2. Lateral Entry Program (LEP)
3. Capacity for Afghan Public Services Project (CAP)
4. Placement of Afghan Expatriate Professionals from European countries (PAEP-EU)
5. Management Capacity Program (MCP)
6. National Institution Building project (NIBP)
7. Sub-National Level Pilot Project (SNLPP)


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