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CBR Title

Monitoring, Evaluation and Performance Appraisal Unit-GDPDM                                                                                                            



  • Development of CBR Monitoring and Evaluation Manual
  • Technical Assistance for development of a unified CBR results Framework for line ministries
  • Technical Review of CBR Results Framework of Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Ministry of Information and Technology, Ministry of Mines
  •  Development of Performance Appraisal Manual
  • Development of Performance Appraisal forms for GDPDM employees under different projects and NIBP- CDOs
  • Initiating a performance appraisal database through a database developer
  • Completion of TCA I in 15 government entities, providing reports to the respective ministries, IARCSC, MoF and USAID.
  • Development of a concept note for TCA II.

Performance Appraisal Specifics

A well designed and implemented performance appraisal system is helpful for the employee, supervisor and the organization. The core benefits of this opportunity are to help each employee better understand his/her role and clarify functions, provide better understanding on personal strengths and weaknesses and how they align with his/her role and functions in the organization, identify the developmental needs of employees, given his/her role and function. It is also instrumental in creating a positive and healthy climate in the organization that drives employees to give their best and assists in a variety of personnel decisions by periodically generating data regarding each employee.

To gain these advantages, the performance appraisal must gather information on three facets for each employee:

  • Behavior and personal characteristics;
  • Performance and achievement in the job;
  • Identify obstacles and discover room for improvement

The performance appraisal of 177 employees under different projects has been carried out by the M&E and Performance Appraisal unit during the past 15 months.  Among 177 appraisals, 22 probationary and 155 annual appraisals are done which are shown in the following charts. The employees whose performance appraisals are done from CBR, NIBP and ACSS projects located in various government entities shown in the below chart.

Ratio of PA Type
PA Ratio Per-Entity Details


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