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CBR Title
Placement of Afghan Expatriate Professionals from European countries (PAEP-EU)

Program Overview:
In close coordination with the ARTF Expatriate Services Program, the objective of this project was to enhance the contribution of Afghan expatriate professionals residing in member states of the European countries in the reconstruction efforts of Afghanistan by enhancing policy and institutional capacities within the public administration.

The project, which was started in beginning 2007, aimed to enhance the capacities for policy and institutional reform through the placement of approximately 22 Afghan expatriates with significant reconstruction and development experience to enhance the government’s effectiveness in overseeing urgent policy and institutional reforms.

Program’s Objectives:
The objective of the project was to establish a merit-based recruitment system by putting in place all necessary mechanisms, processes and procedures for identifying and placing approx. 22 highly skilled Afghan expatriates from European countries into Afghanistan’s public administration.

Program’s Implementation Arrangement:
The initial process of PAEPEU recruitment resided with IOM which comprised of advertising positions, developing standard application forms, collecting application from candidates, program orientation to Afghan expatriates and general administration, logistic and financial management. Whereas, the IARCSC through the Executive Committee and Capacity Development Secretariat provided strategic guidance to the program, suggesting high priority government entities for placements of experts, receiving, reviewing and recommending approval of job profiles, selection of candidates and conveying the selection decision to the target ministry, EC and IOM.


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